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Technology: The oxygen of Knowledge

Mindlogicx has developed many products that have been enabled through the pioneering VEDAS platform. VEDAS is a technology suite which is formed by integrating various sophisticated software modules that make it a seamlessly working technology platform.


A part of the list of individual software modules that forms VEDAS include:

Learning management system (LMS)
Real time online assessment tool
SCORM compliant CMS
Digital library
Two way collaborative tool for live lecture delivery
Live support tool

This is by no means an exhaustive list. The system is integrated with Business Intelligence Enabled Tools such as Learning Path and Interactive Graphic Dashboards for Real Time Performance Monitoring and Performance Forecasting. VEDAS is aptly supported by an effective e-governance framework consisting of CRM tool, Document Sharing System and ITSM enabled IT Support Tool.


VEDAS ensures the access is available anytime, anywhere and across the globe. Students or users can have access to the system and information can be obtained whether they are working from home, in the office, or from ay part of the world.


VEDAS is designed so that content is "chunked" into discrete knowledge objects to provide greater flexibility. Users can access these objects through pre-defined learning paths, use skill assessments to generate personal examination plans.


The solution is offered as Managed Application Service (MAS), where users can take an application service on ‘rent’ without incurring any capital costs. The MAS is normally provided to the customers as a comprehensive end-to-end solution on specific IT deliveries. World over MAS has gained prominence for ease of handling the IT projects.





Hardware and Software support
Content Deployment
Bandwidth Management
Backup and Recovery Infrastructure
Maintenance Infrastructure
Disaster Management Solutions

Mindlogicx provides the service from its tech base at Bangalore. While the whole world sees the MAS (Managed Application Service) as Renting an Application Service”, we at Mindlogicx see it as “Complete Peace of Mind” – to the customers! No worries on maintaining the IT staff or servers, but cruising on the world’s best technology – on demand.