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Delivery: Education’s most powerful enabler
As technology becomes a part of our life, the field of education is also going through a modern-day makeover. Learning is a complex process and has always been unpredictable in nature as it has always been individual centric, where the probability and possibility of knowledge absorption lies with the person. But the delivery of education has undergone a sea change with the power of technology. Today, no one can be denied access of knowledge, thanks to online education. Aided by the computer and the internet, with other ICTs, education today reaches beyond boundaries with the speed and scalability of connected networks. The latest technologies offer a promising opportunity to improve the socio-economic landscape of any society.
Virtual Education Delivery system: Knowledge, everywhere
Advanced communication technology has truly made the world a global village. The information reach has won over the geographical boundaries, with education development being a big beneficiary. Technology helps knowledge access to be truly ‘on-demand’ and can help people acquire skills as they upgrade themselves with customized knowledge requirements. The convenience of communication brought by the technology is applied to the education as well. The application of technology to the learning process enhances access to content, changes the way people acquire skills. The result is a more responsive organization, with well-prepared people. A simpler process and bigger advantages such as assistance in easy collection, archival, processing and distribution of
VEDAS Delivery
information. Study material can easily be collected from experts in various disciplines from all over the world, and dispersed to the candidates wherever they are, right on their desktop, thanks to the power of servers.

VEDAS Integrated Deliveries: Absolute Knowledge access


The services are offered under Managed Application Service (MAS) and has built in Business Intelligence (BI) integrated with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Together VEDAS service has been enabled through a unique Service Oriented Business Intelligence (SOBI) framework.


The main components of Integrated deliveries include, among others, Integrated MIS Portal, IT Infrastructure, content management and Deliveries and then assessment to certification. The services are scalable for meeting the ever growing global demand for VEDAS.


The VEDAS enables the users to interact and intelligently 'learn' to better their performance against the user community.


The main features of Integrated Deliveries of VEDAS include:

The First and only system in the world providing secured login for Knowledge Network Services (K.Net).
Enables a single source of knowledge delivery from technology, knowledge and business partners.
VEDAS provides updated contents as and when they are made available by the knowledge partners and they are truly made available to the users on 24x7 basis through the integrated IT support services.
Powerful and Flexible System to analyze Results and present them in a multiple graphical formats.
Learning Paths for Real Time Performance Monitoring using tools such as subject charts, time analysis, speed analysis and rank projection.
Availability of Interactive Graphical Dashboard for performance forecasting.
Large number of collaboration tools are implemented in this delivery  mode, which include chat, knowledge forum, message boards, blogs etc
VEDAS provides a digital library framework which is made available on 24x7 basis. The knowledge partners place their resources in the digital library and also provide services like consistent updation through automatic connectivity with online journals and other resources.