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K. Net – The Knowledge Network


Knowledge is no longer a privilege. K.Net is the technology platform to network various knowledge resources and provide them to the users across the country as “on demand” service. We have tied up with many Knowledge Service Providers (KSP) who provide rare and precious knowledge resources through the platform and the same is delivered to the desktop of the users.


Our mission is to empower every Indian as a knowledge worker by 2020 so that they become “employable” or “self employable” or enable to transform them from job seekers to job providers. The target is the youth population of India who have the real energy to make this mission a reality. What is needed is a mentoring process by which we can make them ‘hand-hold’ them to become “professionals” in whichever areas they are into.


A boon for the youth


On a global level India is known to be the IT destination but the fact is only 2.5% of the world’s GDP is attributed to the software industry while the balance 97.5% is attributed to the rest of the economy. While Trading and retail is about 1.5 times bigger in size compared to IT, manufacturing is 11 times bigger than IT sector. Compared this to Tourism industry which is 6 times bigger to IT, whereas Health care is about 4 times bigger than IT, not to mention about Education which is 4 times bigger than the core IT sector. This means the employment opportunities are spread everywhere but what is needed is to enhance the “employability quotient” of every individual.


Business Model


The business model is to create knowledge repository in our K.Net and take the knowledge to the needy across the country and cater to the fast growing knowledge economy of India. The business model is to convert the human population into human potential and make them become knowledgeable in the areas of their expertise.


Many MNCs have started their operations in India, leading to a sudden demand for skilled workforce in retail, IT enabled services like BPO, KPO etc., which require human potential to handle the volume business. This can be achieved by providing various reskillng / upskilling programs to the needy in association with the experts in the respective domains. There has been a great demand for such professionals while the supply is less.



A vast opportunity

Hardly 30% of the school children who pass out are able to get into professional colleges due to lack of training resources available to prepare themselves for the competitive examinations. Hardly 25% of the students who pass out of the colleges, are employable or industry-ready. We will fill up the gap by providing the requisite knowledge through our network.


The Business Model works as a Golden Triangle. As technology partner Mindlogicx handles the services that include hardware, software, network connectivity, bandwidth management, backup, recovery, disaster management and IT Security under the broader framework of Managed Application Service (MAS).


The Knowledge Partners of Mindlogicx’ Knowledge Network (K.Net) are the institutions, corporates and other organizations that provide the knowledge content for various programs offered through K.Net. The Business Partners include Strategic Partners and Retail Partners, who sell the products across the country with their own network of distribution channel.