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Societal transformation in the twenty first century will have to be based on the challenges and possibilities of the twenty first century. Social movements that are innovative, contemporary and intelligent in the ways of twenty first century knowledge, will stand a better change of addressing the large-scale and long-term spiritual and social challenges that are facing humanity today and in the decades to come.

Scientific revolutions increasingly characterize the landscape of the post-Newtonian world of the twenty first century. Concepts of space, time, causality, evolution and other foundational categories of the modern materialistic world are collapsing, undermined by the findings of a new and more spiritual science that is emerging in dozens of fields. These new scientific discoveries necessitate a re-orientation on how we envision changing our societies and how we reshape a new world.

Societal transformation and bent towards technology leads to innovation.

Innovation is a driver that keeps the passion on at Mindlogicx. It’s not just the key to our success, but the core of our existence. The Innovation Centre (IC) drives innovation services in three main areas that include education, evaluation and commercialization, supporting the complete life cycle from inception to development to market-ready product and technologies.

Innovation can thrive only in a creative environment. Which is why, ideas and their creators are recognized and rewarded constantly. It also provides a cradle to identify, motivate, evaluate and develop them. Because ideas are the future. Ideas have the power to create new opportunities, which has been ably demonstrated by ‘thinking’ companies. It not only created new value, but also creates more avenues of enhancing growth.

Innovate. Empower. Enable.  

At Mindlogicx, innovation is a way of life and the Innovation Centre, is the nerve centre of all activities. We are committed to bring societal transformation and work towards innovative technology that truly enable and empower. Instead of responding to situations, we try to forecast needs, and prepare for it today. We aim at proactively driving technological innovation into the future.


We are also ignited by the Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and his vision of 2020. We are working towards powering the transformation into a knowledge society and are committed to the cause of ‘Innovate. Empower. Enable.’

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