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Mindlogicx Infratec Limited, is setting up India’s first knowledge network platform to deliver knowledge at the desk top of the user. An unique and state of the art system has been put to use to attain this national goal to empower every Indian by 2020. Mindlogicx will sell Knowledge products through a well appointed partner network, who will be responsible to capture the explicit and tacit knowledge and have them  organized, accessed, disseminated and reused to accomplish the information economy and to galvanize the economy to higher levels. The ultimate intention of the company is to transform the learner community from reactive to interactive and from interactive to proactive and make them to get ”Ignited” . The knowledge network initially will cater to the needs of  entrance and competitive  examination assessment system and also will address the reskilling and upskilling needs of professionals.
Some of the methodologies to provide a true Knowledge Network are:
Highlight the challenges and opportunities presented by the future knowledge society.
Understand and monitor India’s performance in its evolution as knowledge society, both nationally and internationally.
Identify areas of cooperation and collaboration between various educational institutions, R&D establishments and knowledge partners etc.
Establish KNS working groups to provide expert advice on specific areas and public policy issues.
To enable a workable model Mindlogicx shall set up a fool proof network plan which will be implemented in phases through a network of partners across the country. The partners are the distribution channel of Mindlogicx to take the knowledge to the masses.

In this era of tough global competition, organizations look for ways of generating extra value from their assets. People and information are two critical resources increasingly being recognized as valuable. “Knowledge network” is an effective way of combining individuals’ knowledge and skills in the pursuit of personal and organizational objectives.

Knowledge Network is a rich and dynamic phenomenon in which knowledge is shared, developed and evolved. It is more than using the rules and inferences of expert systems, because it is about knowledge that is evolving. Although it verges on simplification, it is the computer augmentation of person-to-person communications resulting in the development of new knowledge.
The Ultimate goal of the resource center is to deliver the best knowledge resources for the users. For this purpose, the resource center employs the techniques such as Market Research, Business Intelligence, Analysis and Content Management for capturing, storing, indexing and distributing various knowledge resources to the intended audience