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Welcome aboard the world of VEDAS.


You are entering into a virtual world of knowledge where the quest for innovation never ends. You will soon experience the power of technology and innovation while cruising in the country’s first knowledge network platform.


Knowledge on demand: The KNS has been designed and created with utmost care to ensure that you get what you have asked for; which means that the KNS will provide preciously the same information that has been eluding you for various reasons. Ever wondered how to prepare smartly for a competitive exam and outshine others? Ever thought that you could get into one of the prestigious Institutions in the country? Ever felt that somebody could provide a real smart tool to assist you?


The virtual Education Delivery and Assessment System (VEDAS) is the answer for all your queries. The system has been carefully designed to take you to the knowledge mall instantly and give you the power to perform and the power to excel. This is knowledge innovation. You will have knowledge delivered to you @ your desk top.