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Mr. Enrico Ruhle, MD of TUV Rheinland (India) Pvt Ltd.
We congratulate Mindlogicx on the creation of Knowledge Network Services Platform. The platform that they have created is unique in the world. It has opened up tremendous opportunities for the academia, industry and corporate world to collaborate on a global platform. Our tie-up with Mindlogicx as knowledge partners is the start of a new era of co-operation and collaboration between Mindlogicx and TUV. We wish the team Mindlogicx very best for the success of unique and innovative business model.
Justice Ramakrishnan, Former Chief Justice for Jammu & Kashmir, Gauhati High court
It is indeed a great pleasure for me to know that M/s Mindlogicx Infratec Ltd., have come out with the country’s first knowledge network. India needs such initiatives to be set up so that we can be in the fore front of the nations, trying to create a unified virtual world.
Virtual world is a reality now. Thanks to the technology that has made it a reality. No one would have thought about a decade ago that such world would become a reality and no one can imagine where this world would lead us to. But one thing is for sure; that the future is embedded in the virtual world in the form of virtual education, virtual delivery of services and may be virtual life too.
India is destined to become a knowledge super power in the years to come and any initiative to realize this vision is commendable. There cannot be any fitting tribute to our mother land other than helping her realize the vision.
I congratulate M/s Mindlogicx Infratec Ltd., for taking such a bold step to set up the country’s first knowledge network platform. I am fascinated to note that your vision is to empower every Indian by 2020. Keep up the good spirits and continue your services.

Hamed Hilal Al Busaidi, Undersecretary to Ministry of Labour, Sultanate of Oman

I am extremely impressed with the way, the company is preparing for the tele-education initiative and the momentum & enthusiasm they have as a corporate. My thanks for the hospitality, reception and all the arrangements made by the company. I wish them all the very best.

Vice Chancellor of Anna University


Mindlogicx is doing a great job towards empowering every citizen with knowledge. The platform developed by Mindlogicx is unique in the world. Association of strategic and knowledge partners with this platform symbolizes the recognition it is getting within the country and world-over. I wish the very best of luck to Team Mindlogicx who are working hard for the success of this venture


Mr. Gopichand Chate, Director, Chate Group

It is a matter of great pleasure that Mindlogicx has established Knowledge Network Services Platform that will benefit the students all over the country. This will help the students to realize their dreams. In whichever examination the student wants to appear, they can get good results with the help of this service.
Chate Group will assist Mindlogicx as a Content Partner, wherein Chate Group will provide content to the students all over the country, which will help them achieve success in any examination they aspire for. With this the name of Chate Group too will be known all over the country as a brand. We thank Mindlogicx for providing us the opportunity to be their partner. The foundation which Mindlogicx has laid down will be taken forward to a big powerhouse of knowledge after the association of between Chate Group and Mindlogicx.

Pravin Rajpal, CEO Competitive Edge Management Consultants


India is on the threshold of becoming a great super power in times to come. The country has immense knowledge and skills, which needs to be properly channelised to unleash the true potential. In this context, my heartiest congratulations to Mindlogicx for taking a very timely step in the right direction.

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Competitive Edge Management Consultants, the Asia pacific global excellence award winning company is proud to be associated with Mindlogicx as the knowledge and content partner to unshackle the human spirit of creativity, enterprise and innovation.